Rita – 2018 Gravel Tro Breizh’s International contestant


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Rita Jett. I started riding bikes many years ago, and fell in love with it so thoroughly that it turned into a career. I work for Specialized — now in our office in Boulder, Colorado doing data science, but I spent the last year working at the office in Switzerland.

Are you more of a road biker or a mountain biker?

I’m happy on any bicycle, but I’m happiest on a mountain bike.

Have you ever done such events before Gravel Tro Breizh ?

I’ve done several multi-day, self-supported events, but Gravel Tro Breizh is one of a kind.

Why Gravel Tro Breizh ?

My dear friends Sophie and Robin grew up in Rennes, so I learned about the ride from them… I couldn’t say no to a chance to see

Which bike did you use at the Gravel Tro Breizh 2018 ?

I rode a Specialized Sequoia.

What kind of equipments did you have for carrying (bikepacking or traditional bag) ?

I used Specialized Burra Burra bike packing bags.

How did you manage your accomodation ?

We brought tents and chose to sleep outside, with the exception of one night, and it was absolutely lovely. It was a perfect setup because we could ride late into the evening, and stop whenever we felt like stopping.

What mistakes did you make ?

Having a dynamo-hub would be nice to not have to worry about charging lights and phones and Garmin at every stop since we were sleeping outside and had no other opportunities to recharge our devices.

What has impressed you in Brittany ?

I love how secluded parts of Brittany felt — like it was so far away from everything, so pretty and untouched.

What is your best memory on this Gravel Tro Breizh ?

Gravel Tro Breizh was full of good memories, so many laughs with good friends! One of my favorites was at St. Michel. Robin got a flat tire… but you couldn’t pick a better place to stop to fix a flat !

Advice for future participants ? or to those who hesitate ?

Do not hesitate! Gravel Tro Breizh is a beautiful journey with ever-changing scenery, a chance to explore the coast. And is there a better way to spend your days than riding bikes, eating croissants, drinking coffee,

Your fears before the race ? And what is your assessment/summary after ?

As always with this type of event, I was worried that my fitness was not as good as it should have been at the start… but it was by the end! The ride was superb — a perfect mix of gravel and some fun singletrack. It’s a challenge, but the best rides are.

Are you more: team « sausage galette » or team « kouign-amann »?

Kouign-amann. Definitely kouign-amann.

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